What you get?

How do you add facebook fans to my page?

Our service has a large network of friends in various industries and demographics. We send suggestions or invite the appropriate targeted network that would be interested in your company/service and ask them to become a fan of your facebook page. This ensures that the fans you get will actually want to be fans of your page. Some people will like your page, and some will not. No one is forced to join your page. They have to agree and accept the fan page suggestion to like your page. No matter what anyone promises you if you want real people to be fans, you can only suggest to them to become a fan of your facebook fan page. It would obviously be worthless to force people to join your fan page who were not interested, therefore we spend time marketing to the right network and suggest people to join your facebook fan page who truly are interested.

Do you need to access my fan page as an Administrator?

For smaller orders we do not need to be an administrator of your account, however for larger orders and targeted demographic it is required that we become an Administrator of your account temporarily to fill your order. This is due to changes recently made by Facebook on Jan.17th, 2011. After your campaign has been completed you can remove us as an administrator.

Do you offer any guarantee with my purchase?

Yes! We have a 45-Day Money Back Guarantee that your order will be filled within 45 days or you will be refunded. Time frame for delivery depends on the number of fans you order. Orders are generally started in 5-7 business days and fulfilled within 30 days or less.

Can you target certain visitors from certain regions?

We are able to target countries, some demographics, and sometimes states/provinces. We are able also to target based on your preferred demographic in most cases as well as industry. It is not an exact science so not every industry or demographic can be guaranteed. We can absolutely guarantee country with any targeted fans package.

Can my Facebook fan page be flagged or banned for ordering fans?

All our leads are 100% real fans, however Facebook is continually changing there terms of service. We will not flood your account with friends overnight, but prefer to gradually market your campaign over a specific period of time until your fan page is populated with your fans purchased. PremiumFans.net is not responsible for your fan page being removed, as we take every precaution available in this situation for adding fans. We have never experienced a customer’s fan page being removed based on our services. However, if by some freak of nature your fan page is removed due to our services we will offer a full refund of your payment immediately.

In any way are you affiliated with Facebook?

PremiumFans.net is not affiliated with Facebook. Facebook is a trademark of its owners. We are a group of marketing guru’s who formed premiumfans.net based on 10+ years of experience in the online marketing industry. We are offering a service that is beneficial to companies who have a facebook fan page and wish to dramatically increase their exposure through the largest social networking site on earth.